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We always have sheep for sale at the farm. We will be consigning to the following Spring Sales: Illini All Breeds Sale, Bloomington IL; Big Ohio Weekend, Eaton Ohio; ASBA Ambassador On Line Sale, Willoughby Sales. In the Fall we will be consigning to the Southdown Stars Sale at NAILE.
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Thank you to all our buyers from this year:

Astyn Martin-IL
Ashley Mick-WI
Blake Ihbe-IA
Seth Ihbe-IA
David Gehrke-WI
Tom Slack-IN
Riley Good-PA
Lori Woods-IL
Joe Brammer-OH
Tom Forrestor-MN
Bryson Roberts-IL
Megan Sexton-NY
Claire Beaty-TN
Andrew Lesch-IL
Simon Reichert-IA
Tanner Sorgenfrey-IA
Reid Suddeth-WI
For sale Darlington Downs "WRRANGLER"
    Born 10/04/12
        With the edition of A&M Ranch "RECKLESS" we have too many rams and need to sell one. "WRRANGLER" has done nothing but good things for us. He was named Reserve Supreme overall at the 2013 WI State Fair. He placed second in class at Louisville, and third in class as a yearling at the ALL-American Junior show.
Call us for more details or pictures. 
Lot 73 SUB 1601 Fall Ewe Lamb
B- 9/22/16 TW QR+ NN EDF
S- "Private Treaty" Rinker 1530 RR NN EDF
D- Darlington 'Downs 531
Added Entry February Ram / Wether
B- 2/10/17 S RR NN EDF
S- "Private Treaty" Rinker 1530 RR NN EDF
D- Darlington 'Downs 272
*he is still a ram but if you are looking for a competitive Southdown wether he can sill be banded. 
Lot 72 1609 Fall Ram Lamb
B- 9/29/16 S RR NN EDF
S- "Private Treaty" Rinker 1530 RR NN EDF
D- Darlington 'Downs 298
2017 Illin All-Breeds Spring Sale Consignment