Reference Sire : A & M 0538
We purchased 0538 at the Ohio Southdown Sale from A & M Ranch. 0538 is a half brother to "Ambush" sired by "Road Rage", B & B Howard 3023 and dammed by A & M 8T06, Johnson's best ewe family going back to "Shocker." 0538 has great breed type, exceptional length of hindsaddle, and has a very extended front end. He was Champion Ram at Wisconsin's Spring Preview Show in 2006.
We strive to select stud rams that have structural correctness, great breed type, and plenty of muscle, with a great hip shape.
Reference Sire : Walnut Lane Farm 319
 This ram sired show winners and top dollar sale sheep for Walnut Lane Farm and A & M Ranch. 
Reference Sire: Darlington 'Downs 680
Grand Champion Southdown Ram  
Wisconsin State Fair 2007
Reference Sire : M. Williams 0720 
We purchased M.Williams 0720 privately after showing against him in Illinois. We knew he would be a great addition to our flock and it would be better to show him than show against him. He has superior length of body, a big bold hip, and plenty of breed character. He was Champion Ram at the 2008 Wisconsin State Fair.
Reference Sire: Darlington 'Downs 704
A&M 0538 X Morgan Ewe
Reference Sire : Ed Schulz 814 RR
We were pleased to be able to add this old style ram to our stud lineup. Thank You to Ed for allowing us to own one of the last rams he produced. This ram is extremely long bodied, heavily muscled, and carries that great hip shape we strive for. Schulz 814 has a pedigree full of great genetics including, "Summit", "Traveler", "Edwina", & "Viking" just to name a few. Keep looking for lambs by "Ed" in the future.
Reference Sire : Pleasant Springs 5880 RR
This fall ram lamb was scheduled to be Spilde's lead ram at Reno until we bought him off the farm. He is sired by the ram they call "Quad 5" Pleasant Springs 5555. The same ram that sired their popular fall ram lamb at Ohio and their fall ram lamb that was Reserve Supreme Ram at Wisconsin State Fair. We like his breed type, his very clean extended front end, and his big bold hip.
Registered Southdowns
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This Wilson Skyview Farm buck came with the Sunny Hill Farm Flock Dispersal. He is an ET lamb out of Old School, going back to "Midwest Express", "Mustang Sally", and "Secret Agent". He sires lambs with structural size, length of body, and extended front ends. 
Reference Sire : A & M 2T119 "GRIZZ"

Quality Southdowns Since 1997
Darlington 'Downs 1302 "WRRANGLER"
Supreme Champion Bred & Owned Breeding Sheep & Reserve Supreme Champion Breeding Sheep Overall 2013 Wisconsin State Fair Junior Show. This homebred stud sires lambs with exceptional length of body, extended front ends, and very good breed type.

A&M 2-119 "VINTAGE"
Vintage is taking over where his twin brother Grizz left off. Our Vintage lambs are square made, structurally correct, and have super fuzzy heads. We are excited to watch them grow into yearlings. Thank You to A&M Ranch allowing us to own part of this great stud
Rinker 1530 "Privet Treaty"
2015 Wisconsin State fair Junior Show Supreme Champion Ram over All
    We are proud to introduce "RECKLESS" into our family here at Darlington Downs'. We leased him for fall breeding in 2015 and liked his lambs a lot. Formo Southdowns and us bought "RECKLESS" together and hope he will pick up right where he left off at A&M Ranch.